stories of the lake

‘Stories of the Lake’ is a community based outdoor project that I had the pleasure of facilitating and creating in the summer of 2016 on Manitoulin Island. The work focused on what Lake Huron meant to the people who live and spend time on its shores.



The project began with the sharing of stories about Lake Huron, some told to me verbally during a beach social in Providence Bay, over coffee at the local seniors coffee morning, and welcomed as a visitors in the homes of locals around the island.  Others chose to email stories, share pictures, drawings and submitted artwork.


My current work is a combination of visual art and cartographic design which comes together to create visual statements of geography. This work reflects a perspective that explores the connection between land and place. I have a deep interest in maps and map making and believe that maps can be so much more than a navigation tool, they can tell a story, evoke a memory, create a connection and celebrate a place.For some of the stories I painted and designed maps of the area where the story took place, then added text to create small individual works which were then printed on outdoor stickers.



Working with local company A10 Fabrication in Nairn Centre, we designed a large aluminum cut-out of Lake Huron. The maps, photos, and drawing submissions when then adhered to a large to this sculpture.  Creating this collage of community stories was both challenging and extremely fulfilling. It was a first for me to work on a large outdoor project that involved the community, on something of this scale and that would stay as a lasting part of the community. The work can be found in the community garden adjacent to the library in Providence Bay on beautiful Manitoulin Island. 


The project was orgazined by Waterlution and was funded by The Ontario Trillium Foundation and Canada 150.