'THE WATERSHED' 8x10 Art Print

'THE WATERSHED' 8x10 Art Print


THE WATERSHED Original Watercolour Artwork Print by Julieanne Steedman.

A “height of land” is a region of high ground that may act as a watershed boundary. In Northern Ontario, this fabulous sign showing this boundary is found on Hwy 11. North of here, water drains into Hudson Bay; rivers, lakes and streams to the south flow into the Great Lakes. As the northern wilderness came under development, the erratic line of the watershed defined territorial boundaries. It marked the southern limit of Rupert's Land, the vast territory granted to the Hudson's Bay Company in 1670. Two centuries later, it formed the northern boundary of lands ceded to the Crown by the First Nation Ojibwa in the Robinson-Superior Treaties of 1850.


Beautiful archival quality print that captures the look and feel of the original watercolour painting.

Prints are fade-resistant with vivid colors and with proper care, these beautiful colours will last a lifetime. Printed with pigment inks on double weight ultra-premium matte paper.

Painted and printed in Northern Ontario.


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