Sudbury Theatre centre

On exhibit from late September until late November 2017 my show titled 'Perspective' at the Sudbury Theatre centre. This work, a series produced in acrylics reflects a deep change within myself; how I have come to view where I live in Northern Ontario since moving back ‘home’ (after living out of the country for ten years). I left at 21, eager to leave behind the place I grew up and move somewhere more exciting, more vibrant, more beautiful.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 9.36.21 AM.png

This work delves deep into the idea that one’s perspective of things can increasingly change the idea behind what we see. Is this Sudbury slag a horrible environmental eyesore, or the product of hard work that has fed northern families for generations? This collection will celebrate the small truths and hidden miracles of this northern environment as well as what it’s people, industry, and community have to offer. Everyday moments worthy of celebration, potential and connection to the natural world and to each other. 




Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for their support with this exhibition.