lover of coffee | Maker of things

My name is Julieanne and I'm the artist + maker behind Heirloom Island. Thanks so very much for stopping by, it's really made my day!

On my website you'll find a gallery filled with things I've made and my little shop where you can purchase colour filled artwork, hand-drawn maps, and handmade items perfect for you home or cottage. 


I have always been drawn to making things. I think I was five when my mother taught me to embroider, and by the end of the summer my sisters and I had embroidered every pillowcase and sheet set in the camp. Since embroidering too many pillowcases that summer I've continued to build ‘making skills’ throughout my life. I have sewn and quilted, worked with textiles dying and weaving, built a log house by hand with my husband, crocheted far too many granny squares, worked in the woodworking shop with my father, and throughout this time I've always been painting. 

Growing up here in the north was meaningful for me. I spent every weekend and the entire summer at camp (on beautiful Manitoulin Island) with my family. No TV, just books, playing outside and making stuff. It doesn't really get better than that. 

Coming from this wonderful place really formed my perspective on things; but leaving (I lived and worked abroad for ten years) and then coming back was equally important. It took being away for a few years to really appreciate how glorious and special it is to live here (in Northern Ontario). I missed the changing of the seasons, the down to earth people, hell, I even missed the snow and I never thought I would hear myself say that. 

When I am not off teaching funny little kids at local primary schools, my days consist of drinking coffee, playing with my own little people, making and painting in my studio, and coming to terms with my messy house.