My Favourite Things Giveaway

Over time I have slowly gotten very particular about the things I purchase. I buy fewer things, but the things I do buy I feel, are worth it. I like to support independent makers as much as possible as I feel this is important - I don’t want it to one day be that we only have big box stores to shop at. Shopping small means that I have helped support another persons dream and I know how good that feels.

I like things that are well made and for them to last a long time. Somewhere along the way our society seemed to become ok with items that wear out quickly and ok with with replacing things frequently. I could write a whole post on this (and maybe will in the future) but I feel very strongly that we all must work to become less of a ‘throw away’ society.

Anyhow. I decided to channel my inner Oprah here and share with you a few of my most favourite things. And even better than just tell you about them - I’m going to give them away to a lucky person because, well, that’s just fun.

So, the low-down on my favourites.


Abbego Beeswax Wraps. - Variety Pack
These things have literally transformed the way we store our food here in the little log house. Last January we made a family New Years Resolution - to produce less waste. Over several family dinners we all brainstormed how we would go about this. Abeego wraps replace plastic wrap, zippy plastic bags, and more. Not only are they great for the environment because you don’t use and throw out plastic wrap/bags, but your food lasts much, much longer (less food waste = fabulousness!). I gifted these to numerous family and friends over the past year and love hearing about how people are amazing that their avocado lasted a whole week int he fridge or about how fresh bread stays. Also, invented and owned by an inspiring Canadian woman Toni Desrosiers (yay!).

Tree Top Bath and Beauty - Soapy Body Parfait + Body Butter, Energy Scent
I met fellow Northern Ontario maker Jen at a market a few years back and was wowed by so many things. Her warm and open personality, her lovely display, her wonderful array of truly lovely products. Since then I have had the pleasure of watching her business grow (a dedicated studio, her products in many stores, soap making classes!) and feel so much happiness at her success. I love many of her products but this energy scent is my favourite. It is just such an invigorating, happy scent - great for a bubble bath after a long day or moisturizing before the start of a busy day.

Stitch & Stone - Blanket Scarf
A lovely local shop (located in Sudbury, Ontario) run by an incredible woman who really inspires other women. Gabrielle Roy has this amazing friendly vibe and is like a cheerleader for so many wonderful things; women entrepreneurs, supporting Sudbury’s downtown community, showcasing Canadian made goods. I could go on and on.

Melissa Lowry Design - ‘Plants Make Me Happy’ Enamel Pin
I got to know Melissa when attending the Etsy Teams Captains Summit over the past few years. She is a maker and designer and is currently following her heart and changing the direction of her business. She has written a book about making handmade animals and is now working on surface pattern and design (she has a fabric line coming out!). I love this pin because well, plants make me happy. My plant obsession is kind of taking over our house and you know what, I love it.

Kate Morton - ‘The Forgotten Garden’
This is my favourite book. My other favourite books are Kate’s other books. No joke. I love reading. I love being transported to another time, dreaming and thinking about a story and it’s characters. Kate’s writing is mesmerizing and filled with such detail, like the best books when you get tucked into one you can’t put it down.

My favourite article of clothing, no joke. Protects my clothes from paint, food, chickens etc.

My favourite article of clothing, no joke. Protects my clothes from paint, food, chickens etc.


Cargo Crew - Henry Apron
One of my best friends lives in Australia and got me onto these aprons by Cargo Crew and I tell you, they are the best damn aprons. I’ve had mine for 5+ years and they are still going strong. Durable, stylist, mine has become my work-at-home uniform and I literally love it.

Bambu - Sporks
Another part of our plan to reduce our waste we bought some of these Bambu sporks and they have gotten so much use. In the boys lunch boxes, when we picnic, or get a take-out meal (I keep 4 of them in the car in a little pouch). They are super easy to clean and last for ages. Goodbye plastic cutlery!

Bare English - Tinted Lip Balm
A cross between a lip balm and lip stick, this tinted lip balm is absolutely fantastic. I’m not a bit lip stick wearer but I like a bit of lip colour. Also, Canadian company + vegan = wonderful.

I hope that I have introduced you to a few amazing products. You can enter the giveaway on Facebook, Instagram or here. Let me if you have a product that you really love or love to gift to others and really the WHY behind it. Thanks and good luck!