lover of coffee | Maker of things

My name is Julieanne Steedman and I'm the artist + maker behind Heirloom Island. Thanks so very much for stopping by, it's really made my day!

On my website you'll find my shop where you can purchase colour-filled artwork, hand-drawn maps, and handmade items perfect for your home or cottage. You’ll also find a gallery filled with my work and projects I have been privileged to be a part of.  

After attending University, I spent ten years travelling, living and working in five different countries, learning about who I am and finally finding the perfect place to call home; right back where I started in Northern Ontario.

Coming home to Northern Ontario also brought me home to who I was regardless of where I travelled, an artist. I began painting again and it has become a magical, meaningful part of who I am.  Creating is a way of making sense of what life throws at me: the joy, the obstacles, the beauty, the hardships.

I have two passions; painting and map-making. My map work reflects a perspective that explores the connection between land and place. I find a great deal of joy and interest in learning more about my local environment; it’s interesting geographical features and rich history. In our modern world, most maps that we look at are used for in aid of our busy lives; how to get from one point to another using the quickest route. However, maps can be so much more than a navigation tool, they can tell a story, evoke a memory, create a connection and celebrate a place. 

Differing from my maps, in my acrylic works I use bold brush strokes and a lot of the time, as much colour as I can get on the canvas. I like to take something that is familiar (like a landscape or flower) and display it in a new way. I invite the viewer to view the piece from a distance and then move closer to explore the details and the texture. 

When I am not working to organize a handmade market or art show with the Northern Ontario artist collective Makers North, my days consist painting + drinking coffee, playing with my little people, and coming to terms with my messy house.




  1. I make ridiculously good chocolate chip cookies.

  2. My favourite paint colour is Olive Green by Winsdor + Newton.

  3. I’m a Taurus. Yes, stubborn. Soooooo stubborn.

  4. You can never have too much coffee. Like for real.

  5. In highschool I was voted to have the ‘craziest laugh’ - I like to laugh, and make jokes and be sarcastic because life shouldn’t be too serious, amiright?